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  • The Mission of the Domestic Violence Intervention Program is to provide comprehensive support and advocacy services to victim/survivors, focusing on immediate and long-term safety, empowerment, dignity, and hope. In collaboration with the community, we strive to end domestic abuse through education, accountability, and social justice.

    DVIP provides services to victim/survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and human trafficking. In today’s society, intimate partner violence is widely known to be one of the greatest physical dangers to women. Women, men and children are murdered each year and the risk of child abuse is much greater in households where domestic violence occurs. Responding to intimate partner violence is critical and requires a community-wide effort. Support for victims of intimate partner violence and their loved ones is available in Johnson, Iowa, Cedar, Des Moines, Henry, Lee, Van Buren and Washington Counties through the Domestic Violence Intervention Program.
  • 1977

    The University of Iowa’s Women’s Resource and Action Center
    recieves a grant to explore the problem of Domestic Violence in our community.


    Aid and Alternatives to Victims of Spouse Abuse was established


    The Domestic Violence Intervention Program shelter was opened
    offering counseling and a 24-hour crisis line.


    the program grew to add additional staff


    Expanded Shelter


    “Mandatory arrest law” goes into effect, arrest rate increased by 54% in a six month time period;
    DVIP experienced a 300% increase in requests for service.


    DVIP’s service area grows to include Cedar, Washington and Iowa Counties


    construction of a 13 room shelter is complete


    Jones County is added to our service area


    Established a “Transitional Housing Program” to assist families with housing and rent for an entire year


    State regionalization of Domestic Violence Programs changes our service area to cover these 8 counties
    –Johnson, Iowa, Cedar, Washington, Des Moines, Henry, Lee and Van Buren

  • Melissa Schooley, Board Chair
    Philip Wiese, Treasurer
    Finnegan Meadows, Recorder
    Hannah Rapson
    Liz Caldwell
    Mike McKay
    Melisa Henley
    Jane John
    Jim Houghton
    Meghann Foster
    Audrey Saftlas
    Laura Shoemaker

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