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  • Why Service Providers are Standing in Opposition of Iowa’s “Marsy’s Law”

    The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is one of the 24 service agencies that have signed onto this open letter. Please read the full letter below. Questions about DVIP’s position should be directed to Executive Director, Kristie Doser at dvip@dvipiowa.org Twenty-four victim service providers stand in opposition of Iowa’s “Marsy’s Law” DES MOINES, Iowa – Twenty-four victim […]

  • Survivor Stories 4, 5, and 6 of 12

    In our 2017 end of year appeal sent out to supporters in all 8 of our service counties in Southeastern Iowa, we shared a portion of 3 survivors stories. Due to the amazing responses we have received over the past month we wanted to share them with you. If you relate, have questions about your […]

  • Survivor Stories 3 of 12 ~ Francine

    Living with roommates is always a unique challenge. Everything from “where is the remote?” to “who put the empty box of cereal back in the cupboard” is common anywhere. Even in shelter. Living with 39 other people, most of them strangers bring even more challenges to communal living.  For victim/survivors, like Francine, resources are always […]

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All services are free and confidential
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Making a difference in the lives of women, men, and children
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Your support is greatly appreciated

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact DVIP’s Volunteer Coordinator for more information at 319.351.1043 or 800.373.1043 or submit a Volunteer Application. DVIP suggests a commitment of 3 hours per week of volunteer time if possible, but will work with you and your schedule.

Become a Volunteer

DVIP suggests a commitment of 3 hours per week of volunteer time; however, many of DVIP’s volunteers have active schedules, and most are able to work in a couple of hours per month on a regular basis. If time is an issue, please call for more information. DVIP is willing to work with you and accommodate your special situation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Victim Advocate

These trained individuals are the core of DVIP’s volunteer program. They answer crisis lines, perform emergency intakes, facilitate support groups, provide advocacy in a variety of settings, and provide information and referrals to victims of domestic violence.

Youth Volunteer

DVIP is always in need of youth volunteers. While youth make up half of our shelter residents, DVIP has funding for only two full-time staff members to handle youth issues and programming. From playing video games with a group of teenagers to taking the kids in shelter to the park, to facilitating a pre-teen support group, youth volunteers play a vital role at DVIP.

Board of Directors

Joining the Board of Directors is an outstanding way to share the resources and skills that you can uniquely offer. Our Board is very active in long-range goal planning and policy development, fundraising and community education/awareness. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, contact DVIP at (319) 356-9863 ext 2 for more information, or complete a Board of Directors Application.

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