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Top Needs List

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  1. Similac Infant Formula
  2. Spring jackets for kids and adults
  3. Women’s underwear: size Small & Medium
  4. Women’s leggings: neutral colors, all sizes
  5. Neosporin 
  6. KN95 masks
  7. Child and adult over-the-counter pain medicine (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.)
  8. Lotion (new, full-sized bottles)
  9. Black hair care products
  10. Black hair care accessories (picks, detangling brushes for Black hair, hair clips for braiding, silk or satin hair caps/wraps)
  11. Women’s Jeans (sizes 0-8)
  12. New kids underwear, all sizes
  13. First Aid Kits
  14. 4T, 5T & 6T Pull-Ups
  15. Diapers sized 4, 5 & 6
  16. Baby Wipes
  17. Plain black and white adult socks
  18. Coffee
  19. Cooking oil
  20. Spices (salt, pepper, garlic salt, etc.)
  21. Boxed meals
  22. Toilet paper
  23. Laundry detergent
  24. Cleaning supplies-all types
  25. Applesauce
  26. Hand soap

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Coral Ridge Mall Gift Cards
Wal-Mart Gift Cards
Build-a-Bear Gift Cards
McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King Gift Cards
Silent toys (Legos, Play-doh, etc.)
Paint and Paintbrushes
Backpacks and Gym Bags
Art Paper and Art Supplies


  1. Towels/Dishcloths
  2. VISA gift cards
  3. Target/Wal-Mart gift cards
  4. Gas gift cards
  5. Blankets/Sheet sets
  6. Cleaning Supplies (cleaning sprays for kitchen and bathroom, sponges and cleaning rags/equipment)
  7. Mops/Brooms/Swiffer

Southern Counties (Des Moines, Lee, Van Buren, and Henry) Needs:

  1. Gift Cards
  2. Used Phones
  3. Laundry soap
  4. Tylenol and ibuprofen
  5. Kleenex
  6. Garbage bags
  7. Silverware
  8. Pots, pans, and utensils
  9. Cleaning supplies, brooms, and mops
  10. Diapers, size 5-6

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