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  • Become a Volunteer

    DVIP relies on the help of dedicated individuals in our communities to help support survivors of domestic violence.  Volunteering is a meaningful way to address the impact of intimate partner violence in our own communities.

    The first step is easy!  Just fill out the volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you to talk about next steps.

    If you have any questions throughout the application process, please contact our Community Engagement Department at 319-356-9863 or by email at

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Group Volunteers:

    Many groups work with DVIP to do much-needed maintenance tasks, donation pick-up and perform many other vital duties that make our organization run! If you are part of a group interested in a one-time project or an ongoing monthly project please contact our Director of Community Engagement at or call 319.930.2030

    Volunteer Victim Advocate:

    These trained individuals are the core of DVIP’s volunteer program. They answer crisis lines, perform emergency intakes, facilitate support groups, provide advocacy in a variety of settings, and provide information and referrals to victims of domestic violence.  Volunteers generally complete two hours of volunteer work each week.

    Youth Volunteer

    DVIP is always in need of youth volunteers. While youth make up half of our shelter residents, DVIP has funding for only two full-time staff members to handle youth issues and programming. From playing video games with a group of teenagers to taking the kids in the shelter to the park, to facilitating a pre-teen support group, youth volunteers play a vital role at DVIP. Volunteers generally complete two hours of volunteer work each week.

    Board of Directors

    Joining the Board of Directors is an outstanding way to share the resources and skills that you can uniquely offer. Our Board is very active in long-range goal planning and policy development, fundraising and community education/awareness. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, contact DVIP at (319) 356-9863 ext 2 for more information, or complete a Board of Directors Application(docx).

    Volunteer with Special Talents

    (i.e. plumbing, carpentry skills, etc. for a few hours or a weekend)

    Many volunteers provide support by donating their special skills in our office or help maintain our shelter. By providing technical assistance, office support, or home repair skills, volunteers provide an invaluable resource and help DVIP minimize overhead expenses.

    Cooper’s House
    We have pet kennels at our emergency shelter site to help keep families and their pets together in a time of crisis! Volunteers will be trained to help maintain the kennels for cats and dogs. An important part of this program will be keeping animals happy and comfortable; which can then be a fantastic therapeutic benefit to children and adults alike. Volunteers may also connect with donors and supporters in the community to help gather resources for the pets we are caring for. This will help ensure the health and well-being for the pets staying in our shelter, as well as the many pets and livestock we foster every year. Check out more about the program here.
  • The Domestic Violence Intervention Program would like to thank the following individuals, groups and businesses for their financial support during the 2015 calendar year. Your support eases some of the struggles battered women, men, and children face in surviving violent crime.

    Every attempt has been made to accurately thank our donors–if we have mistakenly omitted your name, we apologize and please let us know!

    Marguerite Teague Irrevocable Trust
    Art and Ginger Nowak
    City High Cross Country Team
    McCowen Community
    University of Iowa Community Credit Union
    Alpha Chi Omega
    Scheels All Sports
    Best Case Wines
    Lucky’s Market
    Nancy and Gordon Cantor
    Kenneth Kinsey Family Foundation
    Linder Tire Service
    St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
    Bethany Lutheran Church
    Unitarian Universalist Society
    Sally Hartwig
    National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation
    River Products Company Charitable Foundation
    Mrs. Jean Brown
    Shari DeMaris
    Ned and Ann Allen
    Loretta and Kent Angerer
    Collins Community Credit Union
    Tom and Maria Gudenkauf
    Hills Bank and Trust Company
    Knebel Windows, Inc
    Mrs. and Mr. Karen Rubright
    Gary and Bonnie Samuels
    Sanctuary Community Church
    Reuben & Muriel Savin Foundation
    Vineyard Community Church
    Zion Lutheran Church
    Teeters Professional Outreach Development Society
    Black Widow Group of Mercy Iowa City
    First United Methodist Church
    L&L Storage
    Alice and Kendall Atkinson
    Virginia Hirst
    Marianne Weiss
    Iowa City Noon Kiwanis
    Kay A. and Gary Mincer
    Molly S. Abraham and David W. Walz
    Peter and Meghan Byler
    Liz and Dana Christiansen
    Lara Dreis
    John Gottlieb
    Rebecca and Robert J. Hegeman
    Julie and Mike Hodge
    Ryan Kinser
    Iowa City-Press Citizen
    Pfizer Foundation
    Hazel H. and Peter Seaba
    United Natural Foods, Inc
    Victoria and Stephen West
    Josephine Wiley
    Julie and Brad Kunkel
    St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church
    Tuyet Baruah
    Kristie and Patrick Doser
    United Way of Central Iowa
    Beth Ofstein
    Linda and Nathan Hopkins
    Lee-Ann Allen
    Iowa City Old Capitol Kiwanis
    Janet Lyness
    Barbara and Robert Mickelson
    Carmie Martinez
    Two Rivers Insurance Services
    Lori Walsh
    EPIC Functional Medicine
    St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
    Gail P. and Frank J. Zlatnik
    St Patrick’s Church
    Apostolic Christian Church
    Nancy and James Goeken
    Great Western Bank
    Steven and Carol Egan
    Nicole Wade
    Southeastern Community College
    Wellmark Foundation
    Wayne Zion ELCW-Hope
    Women of the ELCA
    Stephanie and Winston Alnot
    Constance and David Berman
    Diane Dahl-McCoy and James McCoy
    Beverly and Jay Davidson
    Judith and Robert Felder
    Carin and Peter Green
    Mary and G. Dave Lewis
    Ray and Stephanie Manning
    Joan Molloy
    Newman Catholic Student Center
    Scheels Corporate
    Elaine F. Semken and Holmes Semken Jr.
    Terry Trenkamp
    Michele and William Welter
    Women of St. Mary’s
    Hy Vee Drug Store
    Mrs. and Mr. Helen Delozier
    Kristin Arnold-Nagel and Alan Nagel
    Kristin and Cary Beatty
    Susan Beckett
    Jo Ann Benda and Charles Platz
    Molly Burma and Mike Wilson
    Richard and Ann Burton
    Wes Caliger
    Richard and Ellen Caplan
    Nancy Fisher
    Jeri and Thomas D. Hobart
    Bill Kent
    Sherry and Bob Kesselring
    Judith and William Klink
    Margaret and Norbert Malik
    Sally and Charles Orr
    Marlene Perrin
    Mary and Jim Pratt
    Mrs. Marilyn M. Rose
    Madeline A. Shea and Marc S. Wold
    St. Thomas More Church
    Kristin Summerwill
    Veridian Credit Union
    Jerold and Andrea Woodhead
    Ms. Mary Zumsande
    Ms. Yasmine Rezai and Mr. John Velles
    LaDonna and Gary Wicklund
    Judi and Jeff Barta
    Paula Brandt
    Phyllis and Richard Braverman
    Josephine and Cosmo Catalano
    Jeffrey Cox
    Congregational Church of Christ
    Katie and Christopher Patel
    Jean Hogan
    Greg Allen
    Barbara Beaumont
    Jean E. Bott and Karla S. Miller
    Brooks and Ruggeberg LLC
    Dawne Deppe
    Embury United Methodist Women
    Dorina Forkenbrock
    Sara Henryson and Gordon Goldsmith
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollis
    Marsha and Larry Karniski
    Rachelle and Phil Larson
    Connie Madsen
    John Mehegan
    Verne Nelson
    Mr. and Ms. William and Lil Perry
    Mrs. Laura Rogers
    Susan Rogers
    Peter and Linda Rubenstein
    Sharon Kay and Alan V. Stang
    Nancy and John-Mark Stensvaag
    Gerhard Strohmer and Margaret Nielehaefer
    Zara Wanlass
    Norma and Kevin Ward
    Jo Ann Willey
    Barbara and Joseph Ziegler
    St Andrew’s Ecumenical Bible Study
    Christ the King Lutheran Church
    Missie Forbes
    Mary Jane Moore
    Kay Burke
    Audrey A. and P. Barry Butler
    Cheryl and Robert Cilek
    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Women
    ATTN Linda Duncan
    Sue and Bob Dvorsky
    Lynne Hirleman and Cal W. Coquillette
    Belinda Lantz-Marner
    Joseph and Patricia McGee
    Brian Wood
    Clear Creek Amana Community Chorus
    Coralville United Methodist Women
    Jean Reese
    Patricia Wheeler
    Ms. Peggy McKittrick
    Evan Diehl
    Del and Lolly Eggers
    Irvin Emig
    Darlyne and John Neff
    Nancy Porter
    RIDE Iowa City
    Kristin Hanson
    Jane R. and James F. Jakobsen
    Sara and Sherwood Wolfson
    June Bakutis
    Janet and Paul Abbas
    Wes Bachman
    Timothy Barrett and Jodie Plumert
    Richard and Joyce Barta
    Bethlehem Lutheran Church
    Susan and Willard Boyd
    Jane Cadwallader-Howe Trust
    Carolyn and Joseph Cannon
    Judith and Wayne Carlson
    Joyce Carmen
    Betsy and Gene Chrischilles
    Carol Clemens
    Elizabeth A. Clothier
    James Cottingham
    Lois Cox
    Barton Cramer
    Oliver Cummings
    Peter and Julie Damiano
    Iowa City Monthly Meeting Of Friends
    Linda and Edward Dykstra
    Elizabeth and Robert Engel
    Joan Falconer
    Mary and Stephen Fowler
    Dorothy and Don Fowles
    Carole and William L. Gauger
    Jane and Dick Gibson
    Grace United Church of Christ
    Mr. and Mrs. Curt Graff
    Randy and Susan Hahn
    Laura K. Hart
    Marie and Benny Hawkins
    James P. Hayes
    Margaret and Mark Heffron
    Judith Hendershot
    Char and Jim Hinrichs
    Mark Holbrook
    Jan and Kenn Hubel
    Cheryl Jacobsen
    Jolly and Cicily Joseph
    Ruth Kellems
    Lisabeth Kestel
    Jon Kinnamon
    Cecile and Ruedi Kuenzli
    Natalie Cronk
    Law Offices of Natalie Cronk
    Lou Leonhardt
    Ms. Jennifer Lutz
    Christine Luzzie and Patrick Bauer
    Lyou-fu Ma
    Theresa Mapel
    Diane and J. David Martin
    Carol and Lloyd Matheson
    Greg and Mary Maxwell
    Yvonne and Brian McCabe
    Linda A. McGuire and Anne Burnside
    Dick Meade
    Arnold Menezes
    Rex Montgomery
    Anna Mary and Charles Mueller
    Gary nagle
    Margaret and Theodore Nelson
    Naomi Novick
    Tom Nugent
    Oaknoll Recycling Committee
    Victoria Olango
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Osborn
    Cecile and Ronald Owings
    Nicholas Pantazis
    Jennifer Pettersen
    Doris and William Preucil
    John O. and Joellen S. Roffman
    Peter Rolnick
    Carolyn and Gerard Rushton
    David Rust and Joy Smith
    Mr. John Saur and Mrs. Charlene Loberg-Saur
    Deborah Segaloff and Mario Ascoli
    Timothy Shipe
    Mr. Stephen Siglin
    Glenda and Roger Sivers
    Marcia and Gary Slager
    Rod Sullivan
    Roberta and James Swanson
    Keith and Nancy Thayer
    JoAnn and Dale Torpey
    Ellen Twinam
    Marlys and Bruce Walker
    Christine and Jim Walters
    Barb and David Weimer
    Jon Wilcox and Denise Filios
    Ms. Deb Wollard
    Douglas Wrenn and Kathleen Wren
    Susan and Miriam Young
    Liz Araguas
    Veronica Tessler
    Yotopia Frozen Yogurt
    AmyRuth McGraw
    John and Eileen Robinson
    Holly Carver and Arthur Adkins
    Melanie Cleveland
    Jayasheel Eshcol
    Danny and Patricia Foster
    Bonnie Love and Wayne Bowman
    Carol and Edward Moreno
    Lois and Siegmar Muehl
    Mary Ann Stahly
    Kathy and Peter Wallace
    Rosemary and Dale Wilhelm
    Angela Anderson-Green
    Maureen and Nick Arensdorf
    Steven Hillin
    Peter Muir and Susan Corbin-Muir
    Karen and Bill Sivitz
    Mrs. Erin O’gara
    Amanda Van Horne
    Joel N. Kline, MD and Catherine L. Woodman
    Christine Ledman
    Edward McCliment
    Isabelle Vance
    C/O Great Western Bank
    J. Patrick and Betty White
    Michael McKay
    Emma Barnum
    Lois A. Bartelme
    Mr. Joe Bolkcom
    Jacqueline and Tim Brennan
    Constance M. Brothers
    Susan Buckley and Sue Cook
    Mrs. Peggy Burke
    Mrs. Laura Childs
    Ann Christenson
    Nathaniel Christenson
    Judy and Mike Cilek
    Carol A. and Steve K. Doser
    Marge Doser
    Michael and Patti Doser
    Jan and James Down
    Charles Drum
    Barbara and C.W. Elliott
    Maggie and Bob Elliott
    Amanda Flaata
    Bud Forbes
    Donna Friedman Curry and David Curry
    Susan Fuhrmeister
    Melissa Gilbert
    Laura Goddard
    Patricia Goeldner
    Deborah Graves-McFarlane and Claude McFarlane
    Victoria Guzman
    Deborah Hammond
    Kathryn W. and Peter J. Hansen
    Nancy Hauserman
    Jean and Bill Hines
    Donna Hirst
    Sally Hoelscher
    Brenda and Gary Hollingsworth
    Sharon Hollinrake
    James H. Martinek James H. Martinek
    Jan Stephan
    Amanda Jensen
    Paula Keeton
    Kelli Andresen
    Union Township Women’s Club
    C/o Marcella Klein
    John Kwiatkowski
    Ann Laquer Estin and James Estin
    Deb and Tim Lehman
    Brenda Longfellow
    Joanne S. and Douglas K. Madsen
    JoAnn Manderscheid
    Alta Medea-Peters and Pete Peters
    Carole Moore
    Janette Mueller Temple and Bruce Temple
    Brianna Petersen
    Andrew Piro
    Nancy and William J. Powers
    Rebecca Prescott
    Rod Pump
    Dee and David Salisbury
    Wilma Savage
    Kay and Clyde Seery
    Janet and Joseph Segreti
    Gregory and Jeri Smith
    Penelope H. and Theodore F. Smith
    Catherine Solow
    Anne and Brian Spencer
    Gail Standig-Portman and Jeff Portman
    Joy and Oliver Steele
    Crystal Tanha
    Diana Thrift and Witold Krajewski
    Mitzi Watson
    Eunice Hanlin and Robert L. Welsh
    Deanne Wortman
    Joan and Curt Wuest
    Abby Martin
    RR Donnelley
    Rebecca Jensen
    Ann Stern
    Sonya Clements
    Veronica Ferreira
    Carrie Hanson
    Nicholas Johnson
    Linda Kenny
    Rita and Robert Tomanek
    Dale and Rhonda Hessletine
    Mary Merkel-Hess
    Ann and Jim Ridenour
    Marcia and Richard Shaffer
    Patricia Weir
    Harold Williamson
    Catherine From
    Mrs. Lynn Gallagher
    Richard and Leeanne Humiston
    Claudia and John Knutson
    Teresa Mangum and Corey Creekmar
    Nicole Oehmen Nicole Oehmen
    Emily Weno
    Barb Young
    Sandy Andreasen
    Janice and Larry Blake
    Ms. Frances Boyken
    Clista and Delmar Brown
    Fern and Ivan Burmeister
    Roger and Christine Christian
    Gary and Carol Fethke
    Teresa Finken
    Nancy Foster
    Karen and Charles Friedman
    Allison Gorga
    Cindy and Kenny Hahn
    Ashliegh Hardin
    Marilyn Hauer
    Ellen Herman
    Heather Highly
    Margery Hoppin
    Pat and Ron Ikan
    Katie Jones
    Mildred Keller
    Carol Kozlik
    Judy and Douglas LaBrecque
    Mischeale Luze
    Betty Marx
    Alisa Meggitt
    Mr. Anthony Miller and Mrs. Renee Speh
    Daisy Owen
    Lisa Pfannebecker
    Roger and Barbara Reilly
    James and Ann Ruby
    William L. and Mary Schulte
    Winifred and William Scott
    Mia Siebrasse
    Andrew Sinclair
    Sarah Smith
    Ann and Shel Stromquist
    Anna Walker
    Johnathan and Jennifer Walker
    Washington United Methodist Church
    Julie Farmer
    Diana Miller
    Jefri Palermo
    D. Ambrisco
    Diane Baumbach
    Cindy Breed
    Jane Chapin Kinney
    Mary Fisher
    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
    Melisa Henley
    Judith Jensen
    Sharon Lake
    Ms. Margery Maher
    Alta Medea
    Michael and Anne Murray
    Virgina Spalding
    Christine Vincent
    Jeffery Burton
    Nita Larson
    Samantha Budzyn
    Caroline Dieterle
    Peggy DuCharme
    Christopher Erickson
    Erik Jorgensen
    Carol and Gerald Nordquist
    Kat Perdock
    Kesley Ann Steffen
    Sue Weinberg
    Iowa One
    Lori Bishop-Ley
    Hilary Dalton-Zander
    Susan Rangus
    Marilyn Adamson
    Robert Black and Susan Peterson
    Susan Futrell
    Ilene Greenwood
    Jenny Heddens
    Karl Hillie
    Roberta Holstein
    Nick Jones
    Deanne Packard
    Sharon Thomas
    Linda Watkins
  • Job Postings




    Position: Development Coordinator

    Reports to: Director of Community Engagement

    Hours: Non-Exempt, Varied

    Job Summary: The Domestic Violence Intervention Program offers a comprehensive range of services including crisis intervention, safe shelter, counseling, advocacy, and support to meet the needs of victims and their families. The Development Coordinator is responsible for supporting administrative efforts by implementing donor stewardship, engagement and cultivation efforts, event planning, and managing organizational records, logistics, and the direct mail program. This position will work as part of the Community Engagement Department and answers to the Director of Community Engagement. The Development Coordinator must have a comprehensive understanding of fundraising best practices and ethics, ability to manage complex database system, excellent written, oral and graphic communication skill and possess a high degree of self-motivation and be passionate about the programs and services offered by the Domestic Violence Intervention Program.In collaboration with the Director of Community Engagement, Executive Director and Board of Directors, creates and oversees the implementation of a strategic approach to fundraising which may include major gifts, corporate donations, grant solicitation, and in-kind resources.


    Certified Domestic Abuse Advocate:  Victim counselor certification required after appointment to position.


    Required Qualifications:

    • Demonstrated knowledge of domestic violence and systems advocacy.
    • Experience in fundraising, asset development and community engagement.
    • AA degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in relevant area – fundraising, marketing or public engagement.
    • Understanding of issues of cultural and socioeconomic diversity as applied to domestic violence intervention services.
    • A working knowledge of basic office functions, including word processing and email.
    • Public speaking skill and ability to provide training within the scope of employment.
    • Strong writing and editing skills.
    • Valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and reliable transportation.
    • Ability to pass an Iowa background, Child Abuse, and Sex Offender Registry check.
    • Ability to lift up to 50lbs with or without assistance.
    • Implement annual community engagement fundraising plan.
    • Research and develop relationships with prospective community partners and donors, with the purpose of developing resources for victims and fundraising for services.
    • Experience with data entry processes and/or database management software, Little Green Light in particular.  
    • Familiarity with financial recordkeeping.  
    • Experience planning and implementing special events and/or other development efforts.  
    • Project management experience, in particular, the coordination of complex documentation approvals with annual rolling deadlines.  
    • Customer service and/or phone-based relationship building experience.

    Desirable Qualifications:

    1. Multilingual.
    2. Past grant writing experience

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


    • Works with the Director of Community Engagement, Executive Director and Community Engagement Committee of the Board of Directors to develop strategies for meeting marketing and fundraising goals.
    • Develops fundraising training for Directors and other leadership volunteers.


    • Meet monthly fundraising goals, as outlined in the annual Community Engagement Plan.
    • Designs, implements and manage fundraising activities including annual giving, endowment and capital campaigns, special projects, and other agency-related solicitations.
    • Manage strategies and activities for donor cultivation, solicitation, and relations.
    • Maintain contact with and develop grant proposal for foundations and corporations.
    • Develop and maintain a comprehensive planned-giving program.

    Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising

    • Works closely with the Director of Community Engagement, Executive Director and Community Engagement Committee of the Board of Directors to implement public relations plan and advertising plan.
    • Implements strategies to promote DVIP’s mission to the community at large.

    Related Duties:

    • Some travel required, with daytime, weekend and evening work.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    All elements of the application – a cover letter, resume, two writing samples and a design sample – must be submitted to be considered for the position. Persons interested in this position should send application to or

    Alta Medea-Peters
    Director of Community Engagement
    1105 South Gilbert Ct. #300
    Iowa City, IA 52240

    Application deadline: Open until filled.

    The Domestic Violence Intervention Program is an Equal Opportunity Employer * This position posting is dependent upon final Board of Directors approval on November 9th.

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