DVIP Says Thank You to First Responders With a Sweet Tradition

Each year during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our staff says thank-you to the public safety officers who assist our clients by bringing them some sweet treats. Our “Sweets for Safety” tradition began many years ago with a dedicated volunteer-turned-staff member named Peggy McKittrick.

Peggy was one of those people who did a little bit of everything at DVIP. As a fierce advocate for our clients, she started as a volunteer but quickly moved on to work in shelter & support our rural counties with outreach services.

Peggy loved her family (especially her grandchildren). That love and commitment were extended to her DVIP family – clients, volunteers, staff, and community partners. Peggy was an amazing no-nonsense, get-it-done, and fight like crazy for those who needed her kind of person. You knew when Peggy told you something it was true and sound advice to live by. 

One of her many talents was making cookies.  Peggy decided to use this gift to say thank you to the public safety officers throughout our service region. She made cookies all year in preparation – she even had a freezer just for DVIP treats! Every year volunteers and advocates deliver bags and boxes of cookies to the police, fire, and EMT workers in the different areas we serve. The goal of Sweets for Safety isn’t just to bring yummy treats to our first responders (although that is a big part of it!) We also use this event as an opportunity to build necessary relationships with our public safety officials as we work together to create communities free of violence.

Peggy passed away in 2017, but her spirit lives on as we continue her sweet tradition of saying thank you.