Survivor Stories 3 of 12 ~ Francine

Living with roommates is always a unique challenge. Everything from “where is the remote?” to “who put the empty box of cereal back in the cupboard” is common anywhere. Even in shelter. Living with 39 other people, most of them strangers bring even more challenges to communal living. 

For victim/survivors, like Francine, resources are always limited and those resources include food. Francine came to shelter a month ago with only the money in her pocket, the clothes she could fit into her backpack, and a candy bar from the vending machine at the bus station. Basic necessities such as clothing, shelter, and food are real needs that all of our clients experience. For Francine, these needs were compounded by her lack of financial security, lack of job, and having no support system in the area. When Francine arrived to shelter our advocates were able to provide her with clothing, a room to stay in, and a $20.00 gift card to Hy-Vee. Though $20.00 does not purchase a full refrigerator, it did provide the basic items that Francine needed to get started on her path to healing and security.

In addition to the $20.00 gift card, Francine had access to the food pantry and donated items. Though our community in Johnson County our advocates are able to provide an abundance of items through our yearly Shop for Shelter event, frequent Table to Table donations, and fresh produce provided by Wild Wood Farms we are consistently in need of creating food security for our clients at the emergency shelter located in Iowa City. For some a feeling of scarcity is overwhelming after experiencing the crisis that brings them to the Domestic Violence Intervention Program in the first place. As part of our mission, we aim to bring safety, dignity and hope to each of the clients we serve at each step they need it. To do your part in supporting individuals like Francine and other victim/survivors please visit our donation page or email to learn how!