Help Us Fill Our Funding Gap

We are facing devastating funding cuts and are in need of sustaining donations to fill the gap.

Crime victim service providers in Iowa are facing a 15-22% funding cut. This is *in addition* to the 10% funding cut that went into effect this past fiscal year.

The importance of these donations cannot be overstated. If we do not fill the funding gap, here’s a short list of what these cuts will mean for victim/survivors:

  • Child victims of violent crimes, sexual assault, and abuse will receive fewer counseling and support services 
  • Rural programs could face catastrophic cuts, including shelter closures and staff reductions.
  • Crime victims across Iowa will lose access to necessary medical care, relocation services, and more.

These cuts are coming at the worst possible time. We continue to see a large uptick in the need for our services. Calls to our hotline have not slowed down since the beginning of the pandemic. And with Covid-related relief and benefits ending, the individuals we serve will have fewer options for day-to-day survival.

Your donations are more than just dollars in the bank. They provide tangible, life-saving services to women, men, individuals, and children who are rebuilding lives free of violence. Your donations will provide far-reaching support in communities across our eight-county service region.  

For example:

  • $25/month gives the gift of play to a child staying at shelter
  • $75/month provides safe shelter for a victim/survivor fleeing their violent partner
  • $100/month provides mobile advocacy for individuals in rural areas.

Sustaining donors will help victim/survivors like “Sandy.” 

Here’s her story: 

“My husband knew every moment of my daily routine. Once, he got so angry because I went to the store on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday that he threw me down the stairs. I needed medical attention because of my injuries.

One Sunday at church, I saw a flier in the bathroom stall for DVIP. I wrote down the hotline number and hid it in my purse. The next night, I waited until my husband was sound asleep. I woke my daughter, and we snuck out of the house, terrified at making the tiniest sound. We left everything behind. 

We ran to the nearest gas station and called the hotline. An advocate helped us find immediate safety. An advocate helped us navigate the challenges of the legal system so I could secure a restraining order. We are grateful that a service like DVIP exists in our community.”

We are beyond blessed to be a part of a community that supports our work. As always, we thank you for everything you do to show victim/survivors they are not alone.