Shop for Shelter 2021 a Success!


This year’s Shop for Shelter event was a tremendous success! Together, we raised:

$4,962.59 in cash, gift cards, and online donations

$42,400 in goods donations

This beats the total from our 2019 event! 

We want to express deep gratitude to the staff, board members, and volunteers who helped with Shop for Shelter. Huge thanks to our friends with Moms Demand Action – IA and Alpha Chi Omega for all of your help before and during the event! We had volunteers helping with store tagging, gathering goods, driving, sorting, and more. Shop for Shelter would not happen without all of you. 

To our donors: prior to this event, our shelves were bare. Thanks to the generosity of our community, our cupboards are stocked again. These supplies will provide nine months of lifesaving support to victim/survivors in our community.

The goods we collected on Saturday represent more than just groceries on a shelf.

They are diapers for an infant whose mother had to leave so fast she didn’t have time to pack a bag.

They are ingredients for hot meals eaten together, in the safety of our shelter. 

They are full tanks of gas for our advocates to meet clients when and where they need help.

They are snacks for kids who finally have a safe place to go after school. 

Because of you, the lives of the people we serve will be a little bit easier. Thank you again, to our generous community, for providing safety and support to victim/survivors.

We’ll see you next year on October 22nd, 2022!