Student Speaks About His Experience

We all know that domestic violence impacts youth when they witness violence in the home, but they don’t always have the opportunity to speak about that experience.  Please check out this link to our YouTube channel:


Dillon shares his experience as a child, how his family got help and his hopes for his younger siblings.  Victim services in Iowa are facing significant cuts (as much as 45%).  We know this will have a profound impact on children, as well as adults.  With that in mind, Michael Shaw (Student and Family Advocate at Weber Elementary in Iowa City) shared the following:


“The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) is an essential part of our community.  I am a Student and Family Advocate/Social Worker in an elementary school in Iowa City.  On countless occasions I have been able to connect moms to counseling, advocacy, and sheltering support through DVIP, while keeping their children connected to school.  DVIP has offered the support and collaboration necessary to make excruciating transitions and circumstances for moms and their children a little less traumatic.  Without that support moms and their children might not be able to leave violent homes or find safety.


Violence in the home can be distracting and exhausting for children.  DVIP is committed to the emotional health and academic success of children because they know that is what moms want and need.  DVIP’s commitment to supporting children makes it more likely that our students will continue to come to school emotionally and cognitively ready to learn.  Without DVIP services the children that witness violence would be less able to physically get to school or focus and reach their full academic potential once there. DVIP’s commitment to moms’ safety, as well as the care and comfort of their children, is a vital resource in our community. The families that DVIP serves deserve the resources and support necessary to create survivable circumstances out of the unlivable.”



Michael Shaw, Student and Family Advocate

Weber Elementary