DVIP plans for Capital Campaign

Over the last two months, The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) has worked with EDEN+ Fundraising Consulting to complete a feasibility study for a capital campaign for a new shelter in Johnson County. We are sharing the findings based on one-on-one interviews conducted with DVIP staff, board members, corporate representatives, donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders, as well as results from an e-survey. In total, 50 interviews were completed.

From EDEN+ staff: “It has been a pleasure to speak with so many people who are passionate about DVIP and domestic violence and who are enthusiastic about the potential this project has to further the reach of DVIP’s programs and services.”

The feasibility study process assessed DVIP’s capacity to raise funds to support a multimillion dollar project with three main components:
(1) A complete renovation of the current shelter building into offices, rooms for counseling, play therapy, community collaboration, and an area for revenue generating activity,
(2) the addition of a brand-new shelter building, providing 24 tenant pods in total, and
(3) additional funds to cover increased operating costs and/or the endowment.

Based on the survey results, EDEN+ has uncovered many positive indicators ahead of a potential campaign to support DVIP.

Overall Perceptions of DVIP
• 98% said they had a positive perception of DVIP. Many of those people agreed the shelter needs updating.
• There is a feeling that the DVIP is not well known outside of Johnson County.
• When asked about strengths: the staff, resiliency in the midst of budget cuts, and dedication to the mission were commonly cited.

Campaign Case for Support
• Interviewees had mixed opinions on campaign priorities, although most suggested that the new shelter should be built first. The second priority was split between renovating the current shelter and ensuring the new buildings’ success via funds going towards operating costs and the endowment.

Dedicated Leadership
• Seventy-eight individuals were suggested as potential leaders for the campaign. About a third of those people were interviewed.
• 30 individuals signaled a willingness to volunteer on the campaign committee. DVIP’s campaign executive committee will be dedicated and energetic.

With these results in mind, DVIP is now well positioned to thoughtfully consider a plan for a capital campaign.

Thank you to all who participated in the study!