Solar for the Shelter Fundraiser

In collaboration with the Iowa City Rotary Club Downtown, DVIP is seeking funds for solar panels for our emergency shelter building in Johnson County. Each year we house approximately 300 women, children, men and their pets in this space. We are excited to say that we will be getting a new roof on the building in the Spring so the timing is perfect! By reducing our electric bill, this project will help DVIP to sustain our services and provide resources for those most vulnerable. DVIP provides comprehensive services for victims/survivors of physical, mental, and financial abuse in 8 Southeastern Iowa Counties. 

With even $26,000 worth of solar panels on our roof we will be saving the amount of electricity consumed by 2.8 homes for one year and the equivalent amount of carbon that could be sequestered by 21.6 acres of forest each year, or prevention of the emission of 16.6 metric tons of C02.

We are happy to report we have received a grant from the Iowa City Community Climate funds for the project. Enough funding has already guaranteed the purchase of at least one small system. All additional donations received will allow for system expansion which will offset the costs of electricity for DVIP and provide more benefit to our environment.

You can help today by donating to this project! Your donation will help DVIP to sustain programming for victims/survivors and promote energy efficiency and environmental benefits for our community. Click here to donate to this project.